International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, Beijing, China

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Completion date:April, 2019
Location: International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, Beijing, China
Client: Qinsen, no.1 Landscape architecture company in China
Structure type: Gardening
Landscape Architect: Qinsen, China
Designing idea from the woodcraft shavings.

It’s a structurally-efficient Special-Shaped Gridshell Laminated Bamboo structure. The choice of a Bamboo diagrid met the sustainable objectives of the project, it’s the largest diagrid structure completely free of internal support columns.

The Laminated-Bamboo members of the diagrid are faceted and each edge is slotted into one of four projecting steel plates; the result creates a curve-net-shaped void between all the intersecting Bamboo members.

All the Laminated bamboo members have the individual shape at more than 3,000 pieces.